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All About Your Mala

All About Your Mala

Mala bracelets and necklaces offer a wide range benefits. Wearing malas will help you to focus on your intentions through mantras and focusing on the energy you wish you produce. If you have a need for confidence, protection or healing the energy of malas are a great source to rely on to help enhance these energies during you everyday life. Whichever mala you choose it can be beneficial in your everyday life, yoga or meditation practices.
How to Cleanse Crystals to Release Negative Energy

How to Cleanse Crystals to Release Negative Energy

Crystals absorb and hold negative energy it's important to cleanse them regularly so that they can get the job done in addition to possible for you. It is crucial to continue to keep your crystal clean as a way to protect it from outside negative vibrations.
Top Healing Crystals Choices

The Upside to Healing Crystals

Crystal healing is something everyone is able to utilize. It is not necessarily attached to a specific religion, though it has been connected to many in the past. Using certain crystal methods, can help a number of physical problems.

Who is 8 Happy Souls

Our Goal

To provide community and tools that empower people like you to achieve and maintain inner peace.

How it All Started:

8 Happy Souls company was founded by two people at a turning point in their life. Kim (co-owner) is a practicing Buddhist who led a busy life that left little time for her. Tiffany (co-owner) is spiritually open and is always looking for a deeper meaning to life. On their journey of self-growth and finding inner peace, they also found each other. They were both ready to take control of their lives to lead a spiritually awakening life. Together they worked towards achieving inner peace and growing from within by reading daily affirmations, meditating, Art therapy, and using the energy from various gemstones and prayer beads. This has allowed them to break free from worldly binds and grow together and to have a closer connection to the world around them. Learning how to embrace different levels of our emotions and loving who we are, as we are, has the power to liberate one’s self. As we practice treating ourselves and others with compassion, it generates a deeper understanding of our inner peace, healing and a genuine happiness. This was the motivation behind 8 Happy Souls. We wanted to create a place which made a positive impact in the lives of others with the same tools we used to reach our deep level of inner peace.

Being a Happy Soul

Life brings challenges, struggles and triumphs into our daily lives. Our days are as different and changing as our feelings. By accepting our feelings and then letting them go we focus on becoming a happier soul. Every day that we chose to grow from within, by promoting positivity and inspiring others, we become happy souls. 8 Happy Souls is a worldwide community that provides tools and supplies for your journey towards inner peace.